Professional Training




Named as sworn translator by the Regional Court of Munich I..



03/1984 – 12/1986


09/1981 – 08/1983

01/1979 – 12/1980


03/1974 – 12/1975

03/1961 – 12/1965

Official Exam for Spanish translators (specialized area: Technical) for the Ministry of Education, Sciences and Culture in the State of Baviera, passed test.


Latin American Institute of Languages in Santiago. Tested for German-Spanish translating.  Passed Test.


Study of Precision Engineering at the Fachhoschule in Munich.

Preuniversity studies at the Scientific Universities of the State in Baviera. Aptitude test to begin studies in the T area (technical and natural sciences). Passed test.


Study of Architecture and Urban Studies at the National University of Tucuman..

National School of Commerce in S.S. Jujuy. Title: Merchant Expert.