The price of the translation is generally calculated according to the volume (which is determined by the number of words in the final text), complexity of the text to be translated, and how quickly it is needed.

There are additional fees for special formatting (DTP, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, etc.). For volumes in excess of 50 pages, or several jobs, special rates can be arranged.

Providing generalized prices for translation jobs is misleading. Instead, I can offer to you the option of sending to me, with no commitment, the text to be translated, in order to provide you with a quote.


Normally 5 pages of DIN A4 are produced a day, depending on availability.  In emergency situations up to 10 pages a day, with a surcharge for the quick turn around.

Payments may be made through wire transfers upon receipt of the invoice (if you wish, it can be sent by email), or through the internet using PayPal or Moneybookers.


Send to me the source text, if possible in a doc. RTF, or txt format and indicate the delivery time that you want. Of course you may also send the text by fax or mail, if it is not available in an electronic format. Based on this, I will put together an estimated cost so that you have an approximation of the final cost. The calculation of the final cost will be done generally based on the final translation.

If you are interested, you may send back to me the confirmation that accompanies the quote that I will have sent to you.

The final translation may be sent back in an electronic file, by fax, or printed and through the mail – depending on your preference.

Once the translation is completed and sent to you, I will send to you an invoice with a 14 day payment term.

In order to contract my services, the General Contracting Conditions document must be signed by the client.

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