The specialized translations that I offer are backed up with technical experience, a long professional history as a translator, and active participation in the financial and industrial sectors in Germany.

In addition, I have a background of international experience. This means that for translations into Spanish, in addition to my mother tongue, knowledge of the different cultural environments and requirements of the markets in Spain and Latin America also help me to translate the meaning of the text. All of this guarantees an exact translation with the correct adaptations to a specific country in the Spanish speaking world.

Only a complete understanding of the text and context can provide a precise transmission of the text to the target language.  Thus, when it is required, I consult the specialized literature in both languages in order to fully comprehend the material. A correct translation from a linguistic point of view as well as the content is for me a work norm. This includes integrity, consistency in terminology, grammer and style.

As an independent translator, I establish direct contact with my clients. For you, this means that as my client, your work will not be shared with third parties, rather done by myself with absolute confidentiality and professionalism.  On the other hand, direct communication with the client constitutes the best condition for productive work.
Another thing: the term trustworthy is part of my vocabulary.

Because of organized team work with competent, dependable and trustworthy collabora-tors I am able to take on emergency and largescale projects. In that event, we place special emphasis on uniform terminology employing proven translation tools (TenT), such as Trados, across, Transit, or MemoQ.

Should you wish to have an idea of my professional capacity, feel free to take your time and browse!